Regular Spiritual Exercise

Formal prayer at home is a lot like exercising or cycling.   In the beginning you may feel overwhelmed and a little perplexed at this new ‘tool’ you have. You know why you need it and what it does, but using it regularly as part of your routine can take some practise.   At first … [Read more…]

Examine yourself

As lent grows near we are increasingly reminded of the importance of penance through fasting, prayer and giving to the poor;  we reflect on the great sadness of the death of our Lord, His burial – and the joy of His resurrection.  Denying oneself other luxuries for lent remind us of those less fortunate than … [Read more…]

March for Humanity

There is a lot of anger, outrage, fear, and hysteria in the English-speaking world at the moment; Not to mention the self-entitlement of people who believe the life growing inside them is theirs to do as they wish, using murder as a form of contraception.   Among the many arguments I’ve seen for abortion, one … [Read more…]

Community in communion

After spending so long searching, praying and waiting for ‘where’ I should be – I found it, and as I have mentioned in previous posts it led to me joining a family – The Church.  Bursting with enthusiasm, I was so excited at the prospect of finally finding where I was meant to be all … [Read more…]

If you can’t sit with your brother as an equal, how can you call yourself a Christian?

During a conversation with a thoroughly pleasant man I met earlier, we arrived at the subject of hypocrisy – particularly in the Church.  He identifies as a goth – loves gothic archetecture and style, and dresses in a typically macabre fashion.  He noted how many people are fine talking about welcoming anyone who doesn’t fit into … [Read more…]