Saint Bride Calendar

17 Aug / 4 Aug
Saint Aristarchus – Martyred in Rome with St Paul, ✠66


A Western Rite Orthodox Calendar featuring the feast days of Western Saints and daily offices according to The Shorter Saint Colman Prayer Book.

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For a thousand years, from AD 37 to AD 1054-66, the people living in the British Isles and western Europe believed and worshipped God as an integral part of the undivided Orthodox Catholic Church. That Church was governed world wide by five Patriarchs, those of Constantinople (the Ecumenical Patriarch), Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria. The Church in the British Isles was a local expression of the common Orthodox Christian Faith held throughout the world. The great saints of the British Isles such as Saint Aidan, Saint David, Saint Patrick, Saint Alban, Saint Chad, Saint Cuthbert, Saint Boniface, Saint Dunstan etc., were all members of that Orthodox Catholic Church in the British Isles which continued for a thousand years.

The initial split in the world wide Church occurred just after the beginning of the second millennium, when the Patriarch of Rome and his people parted from the majority of the Church led by the other four Patriarchs. Throughout the second millennium, the church adhering to the Pope (Patriarch) of Rome, continued to split and further split until today there are some ten thousand separate groups or churches.

The original Church, the undivided Orthodox Catholic Church, continues today, still led by the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Moscow, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Georgia, Belgrade and Bucharest. During the past millennium, the Church has expanded, with Russia and the Slavic Churches having the largest number of Orthodox people in the world today. The Church founded by Christ and spread by His Apostles and Evangelists – the Orthodox Church – numbers hundreds of millions of members today, and is rapidly expanding on all the continents and especially in the western countries.

The Saint Bride Calendar, as a tool, provide a means and reference to commemorating our Saints and celebrating Christ as it was in the beginning.

Content reproduced with the permission and cooperation of Saint Bride Hermitage (ROCOR), Scotland.

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