Saint Sulpicius Severus – 11 Feb / 29 Jan

  • 11 Feb / 29 Jan
  • c. 363 – c. 425 (Aquitaine, Gaul)
  • Disciple of Saint Martin of Tours (406) (Gaul)

A native of Aquitania, Sulpicius Severus was a patristic writer and man of law following his studies in jurisprudence (which is apparent in some of his writings).  Severus married, but his wife died at a young age before bearing children – shortly after he abandoned his lucrative career, much to his father’s displeasure, and followed his friend Paulinus into a monastic life influenced by Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours.

Although Severus and Martin were nothing alike, they were great friends and Severus’ writings reflect the teachings and thoughts of Martin – contributing to the popularity of him as one of the most eloquent writers of his time.

Gennadius confirms Severus’s ordination – but his priestly activity is largely unknown.

The following works are considered genuine and attributed to Saint Sulpicius Severus:

  • The Life of Saint Martin
  • The Chronical (c. 403)
  • Some letters and dialogues
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