March for Humanity

There is a lot of anger, outrage, fear, and hysteria in the English-speaking world at the moment; Not to mention the self-entitlement of people who believe the life growing inside them is theirs to do as they wish, using murder as a form of contraception.
Among the many arguments I’ve seen for abortion, one which is often an argument-winner (or not!) is that victims of rape should not be expected to bear the child of their rapist.
It’s a tricky one, but I think it’s a case of something good coming from a bad situation. It will never be easy to live knowing your child is the product of rape – but faith in God’s love and His Will shall be a comfort if you allow it to be.
But I digress, the argument of rape as a reason to allow universal access to abortion is flawed. Out of 664,435 abortions performed in the USA in 2013, ‘only’ 4.5% were the result of alleged sexual assault.
That’s ~634,000 lives lost because so many people have no sense of responsibility and self-control. Children are a blessing, we know that God strongly disapproved of wasting seed by Onan in Genesis 38 – life is precious and a man must fulfil his familial duty, but if the choice is between preventative contraception and murder – the right decision should be clear.
Ultimately, there will always be someone willing to care for a child – the Church pioneered adoption long before the secular state decided to do something about it, and as Humans – people of God, it is our duty to ensure all life is given the chance to flourish.
God gave us a conscience to help us make the right decisions in life – it’s a safety net.  When you know something is wrong but do it anyway, it’s an insult to yourself and God – follow your conscience.
May God Bless you always.

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