Recharging your battery through prayer

In the modern world where we spend more time looking at our phones, tablets and computers more than nature and to God – it may help to compare ourselves to these devices.  The more we are used and abused, the more drained we become, just like your phone.  Most people are always careful to remember that their phone needs charged to keep running but what about *you*?

It may be a bit of a cliché, but prayer does ‘charge the batteries’ of the soul – when you’re feeling run down and exhausted, take out 20-30 minutes away from the busy world and find somewhere quiet for formal or informal prayer.  The daily offices are spread out every three hours to help you achieve a level of prayer that lifts up your heart to the Lord throughout the day.  Of course very few are expected to pray all of the offices – which is where the Jesus Prayer comes in extremely useful, allowing unceasing prayer wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

So the next time your phone complains about a low battery, as you plug it in and wait for it to charge – plug yourself in and recharge your relationship with God.


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