Church is boring… If you’re protestant

​Many protestants say Church is boring, so the various denominations come up with new and exciting ideas which have little to do with God and have no scriptural basis.

People who say it’s boring are correct of course; there is very little life or light to be found in a dull Protestant church which probably only gives Communion a couple of times per year.

It seems it has never occurred to them that if they want to appeal to people and give them something meaningful and memorable all they need to do is return to pre-Reformation, pre-schism Christianity.

Celebrate the mysteries/sacraments, sing Psalms – not hymns or *shudder* Christopop, revive Church tradition and reimbrace the dogma that is pure and carried on since the Apostles spread the good word.

Ultimately, return to the bosom of the Orthodox Church and she will nurture the people through Him and in Him.

Meanwhile, in Britain, the CofE is crumbling – literally.  Increasing number of empty churches in disrepair, even our beautiful Anglican cathedral in Newcastle attracts fewer than four people most evenings for Choral Evensong – something that any lover of angelic song and chanting can appreciate, Christian or not.

It’s quite sad, and it’s not just a reflection of modern society – too much emphasis is placed on the low, protestant Church of England rather than Anglo-Catholicism over years and it has brought upon it a slow death as all the older, pious, traditional members of congregations die off the church tries so hard to reinvent itself for a modern world.

They reap what they sow – apathy and sporadic piety.

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