Waiting for God

Secular society often cites history books and places emphasis on learning from the mistakes made in the past;  but in their almost militant atheism their ignorance refuses to acknowledge the greatest eternally relevant book of human history and nature ever written.
​There is of course a paradox in studying the Holy Scriptures… one cannot understand the teachings fully without faith and belief; but without hearing the message how would they develop such faith?

Recognising His work in this world seems the most obvious.  The miracle of life can he described scientifically but its origins is still a mystery.  Personal testimony can help some – the miracles or extraordinary events in someone’s life which confirm the existence of a higher power.  For me, one event that sticks in my mind is receiving a warning from a random stranger telling me not to forget about Jesus.  It was enough to break the wall of ignorance and oblivion I had erected and caused me to stop, and listen carefully again to He and His angels who never abandoned me.  It wasn’t until then that I could reread the Bible and its words truly became the living Word of God.

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